Peer review procedure

The peer review procedure covers all articles submitted to the editorial board of the journal “Research Papers of National University “Odesa Law Academy”.

Steps of peer-review:

  1. The author submits the article that meets the requirements to the editorial board.
  2. Check of the article for anti-plagiarism. For all articles submitted for review, the degree of uniqueness of the author’s text is determined by means of the appropriate software.
  3. All manuscripts submitted to the editorial board are sent to reviewers. Chief editor appoints reviewers.
  4. Members of the journal’s editorial board act as reviewers.
  5. As a rule, within 3-5 days, the reviewer makes a conclusion about the possibility of printing the article (it is filled in the standard form containing final recommendations).
  6. The review is carried out confidentially according to the principle of double-blind review (neither the author nor the reviewer know each other). The interaction between the author and the reviewer is performed through executive editor.
  7. If the reviewer indicates the necessity to make certain adjustments to the article, the article is sent to the author with the suggestion to take into account the comments when preparing the improved version of the article or to confute them justifiably. To the revised article, the author adds a letter that contains answers to all comments and explains all changes that were made in the article. The amended version is re-submitted to the reviewer for making a decision and preparing a motivated conclusion on the possibility of publication.
  8. The final decision on the possibility and relevance of publication is taken by chief editor and, if it is necessary, by editorial board as a whole.

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